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13-17 May 2013
Tucson, Arizona
US/Arizona timezone
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Location: Tucson, Arizona
Address: Doubletree Reid Park 445 S. Alvernon Way Tucson, AZ 85711
Room: 0
Date: 17 May 10:30 - 12:10


    • Mr. Meko, Dave (University of Arizona)
    • Dr. Kaczka, Ryszard Jerzy (University of Silesia)

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Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dendrohydrology
Track: Dendrohydrology
Tilted trees have been widely used to date past hydrogeomorphic events. However, their usefulness to derive flood discharge has never been explored. We present a mechanical tree deformation–flood depth model to reconstruct flood peak discharge based on the rotational stem deformation. We combined dendrogeomorphic techniques, mechanic-structural and hydraulic approaches for this purpose. In addit ... More
Presented by Dr. Juan Antonio BALLESTEROS CáNOVAS on 17/05/2013 at 18:50
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dendrohydrology
Track: Dendrohydrology
The northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains are among the most densely populated regions in Poland, but also the source area of the large floods of the recent past. In this contribution, we reconstruct a detailed database on the history, magnitude and triggers of floods. The dendrogeomorphic work presented focuses on four streams, in which six sectors have been sampled with more than 1100 increm ... More
Presented by Dr. Ryszard Jerzy KACZKA on 17/05/2013 at 18:10
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dendrohydrology
Track: Dendrohydrology
Flash floods represent significant natural hazards in the Patagonian Andes causing destruction of buildings and infrastructure. In this region, historical records of past events tend to be short, scarce and fragmentary. This lack of information results in a higher regional vulnerability against flash floods. Dendrogeomorphology is an accurate method for spatially and temporally reconstructing torr ... More
Presented by Dr. Alejandro CASTELLER on 17/05/2013 at 18:30
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dendrohydrology
Track: Dendrohydrology
A multi-species network of tree ring-width and ring-density measurements from new and archived tree-ring chronologies collected in west central British Columbia. Using this network, models were constructed allowing for reconstructions of Pacific salmon abundance and July-August mean runoff for the Skeena and Atnarko rivers. Our models describe intervals of below-average runoff during the early to ... More
Presented by Dr. Dan SMITH on 17/05/2013 at 17:50
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dendrohydrology
Track: Dendrohydrology
Ring widths of 394 Populus deltoides, ssp. monilifera trees from a relatively undisturbed setting in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, are analyzed for potential use in reconstructing the flow of the Little Missouri River. Results indicate that a single well-replicated age-curve-standardized (ACS) (similar to regional-curve standardization) cottonwood chronology ex ... More
Presented by David MEKO on 17/05/2013 at 17:30
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