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13-17 May 2013
Tucson, Arizona
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Application of exposed Pinus halpensis roots to quantify the evolution of cliff profiles (Porquerolles Island, France)

Presented by Dr. Christophe CORONA on 15 May 2013 from 18:00 to 21:00
Type: Poster Presentation
Board #: 59


Studies on long-term sea cliff morphology typically use historical maps, aerial photographs or Lidar data to determine cliff retreat. In this study, anatomical changes in 58 exposed roots of Pinus halpensis were used to quantify retreat of decametric sandstone cliffs on Porquerolles Island (France). At the plot scale, average medium-term soil erosion rates derived from exposed roots was 20 mm yr−1. The dendrogeomorphic record of point-scale soil erosion rates matches very well with cliff retreat measured with aerial photographs and topographic maps. These rates in detritic cliffs are significantly lower than those observed at nearby pocket sand beaches (200 mm yr–1) for which analysis was based on diachronic aerial photographs. The study also reveals that the selection of oblique roots allowed a coupled reconstruction of cliff erosion rates and temporal changes in cliff profiles.


Location: DoubleTree
Room: Salon E

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