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13-17 May 2013
Tucson, Arizona
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Cambial matter: what does 10 years of cell counting teach?

Presented by Dr. Annie DESLAURIERS on 16 May 2013 from 08:00 to 08:20
Type: Invited Talk
Track: Dendroecology


Xylogenesis can provide valuable insight into the causal link between wood production, phenological traits of trees, and environment by gathering specific and detailed information like (1) the onset or (2) ending of cambial activity and xylem cell differentiation, (3) changes in cell number, size and shape, and (4) rates of change of the processes. The variability in the growth timings and dynamics as well as the characteristics of the cells represents a very sensitive bio-indicator of plant responses. All components of the growth process, from the how (physiology), to the when (phenology), and to the characteristics of the final product (tree-ring and anatomy) are encoding important indications of the way plants respond to the changing environmental conditions. Examples of how investigations on wood formation have evolved during the last 10 years are supplied by using different cases of study and applications in dendrochronology. From climate change to insect infestation, integration of metabolic and genetic processes linked with cambial activity and wood formation provided a better understanding of whole plant response.


Location: DoubleTree
Room: Salon D

Primary authors

  • Dr. Annie DESLAURIERS Departement des Sciences Fondamentale, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada