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13-17 May 2013
Tucson, Arizona
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Terminus ante quem Dating of Wabakwa and the Return of Fire to an ancient WUI, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico.

Presented by Mr. Joshua FARELLA on 15 May 2013 from 18:00 to 21:00
Type: Poster Presentation
Board #: 8


Effects of recent warming and fire suppression have created unprecedented changes in fire behavior and severity of wildland fires in some forests of the Western US. Wildland urban interfaces (WUIs) are particularly vulnerable in the context of these changes. One of the best resources we have for informing future fire management and understanding the interactions of climate, humans and wildfires are historical-ecological records. Abundant archaeological and tree-ring records present on the Jemez Plateau provide a unique opportunity to learn about coupled human-natural ecosystems over the past 500 years. We have completed a terminus ante quem tree-ring analysis at the Pueblo ruin site of Wabakwa that provides specific insight into the duration of human occupation of a village within an ancient WUI, and the nature of fire regimes post-occupation.


Location: DoubleTree
Room: Salon E

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