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Dendrochronology and Ancient Egypt: A Survey of Commonly Used Species

Presented by Rebecca CAROLI on 15 May 2013 from 18:00 to 21:00
Type: Poster Presentation
Board #: 6


As a result of a favorable preservation and the ancient Egyptian practice of ritually provisioning individuals for the afterlife, hundreds of tons of wood have been recovered from archaeological excavations in Egypt. Ancient ships, coffins, furniture and architectural timbers provide a potentially robust source of material for dendrochronological investigations. As early as 1932, A.E. Douglass was in contact with prominent Egyptologists exploring the possibility of constructing a dendrochronology for Egypt, concluding that a sufficient volume of material existed even then to make substantial progress. This poster surveys the most common species of wood that were exploited in sufficient quantities from the Predynastic to the Late Period (c. 3100-664 BC) to be dendrochronologically useful. An evaluation of the commonly used species is provided (e.g, Cedrus libani, Ficus sycomoros, Hyphaene thebaica) with summary statements about each species’ potential utility in building a chronology for ancient Egypt.


Location: DoubleTree
Room: Salon E

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